The Property

Located in the Rural Ward of the Municipality of Port Hope,
north of Northumberland County Road #9/hamlet of Elizabethville.



    • The property was sold by the Crown in 1801 and has remained as a farm since then.
    • The property is 36.3 acres in size and is bounded by the Oak Ridges Moraine on the north, a stream on the East side and another stream on the south. Both streams merge to form the start of the Ganaraska River through Port Hope and into Lake Ontario.
    • The north boundary meets the Oak Ridges Moraine. New building on the Moraine is prohibited.
    • The rear (south) end of the property is a deep ravine with old growth trees and is bounded by a stream which is the start of the Ganaraska River flowing south to Port Hope.

House and Grounds

    • The original 100 year old house has been expanded twice to its current size of 3600 square feet on 2 levels.
    • The ½ acre pond is 20 feet from the house fed by springs from the Oak Ridges Moraine across the road. The stream into the pond has a constant flow winter and summer with water temperature of 10-12C year round. Both speckled trout and some bass are residents as well as a family of mallard ducks.

Horse Facilities

    • The property has 3 barns and a workshop.
    • The large barn is 7300 square feet with 17 stalls, an office and a flat
    • There are 9 paddocks, most with water, power and a shelter.

Ganaraska Forest

    • One and one-half kilometres to the north is the 12,000 acre Ganarasaka Forest which is reached by nearby Trew Road. From the top of Trew Road (1,000 feet above sea level) one can see New York State across Lake Ontario.

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