Country Life

Country Life

Life in the country has its very own set of experiences which cannot be found in an urban setting. In our area we can access the following:

Al Fresco Dining

Summer at the property means warm days and pleasant evenings. Dining in the outdoor gazebo just as the sun is setting is magic as the shadows move across the property, the frogs are singing and the glow from the oil lamps provide both light and an unforgettable atmosphere

Farm fresh Eggs, Chickens and Beef, Vegetables, Fruit 

Within 5k you can buy food so fresh that it is probably picked on the same day you buy it. Free range eggs and chickens from Muldrew’s Farm, strawberries and tomatoes and vegetables from Ferguson’s Farm stand in Garden Hill. Fresh asparagus in the Spring and crisp apples in the Fall.

Fun On The Property/Walking Trails

Visitors to the farm are mesmerized by the beauty of the grounds and the walking trails. Family gatherings allow unlimited activities. Walking trails have been marked at the south end of the property through the forest and down to the stream in the ravine.


The garden nearest the house is reserved for vegetable growing in raised beds – tomatoes, dill, basil, carrots, beans, beets,

Brimacombe Ski Hill

Brimacombe Ski Hill is located 13k east of the farm. The facility offers both winter downhill skiing and summer camps for kids.

Linwood Acres

Phone over to Linwood acres (6k east) and they will catch your rainbow trout, filet it and have it ready for pickup when you arrive 10 minutes later. Alternatively you can catch your own!

Garden Hill General Store

Just 7 minutes East in Garden Hill is the General Store. Anything you possible need is in the store and if you can’t find it just ask Gary or Cathy.

Port Hope

The town of Port Hope is 20 minutes south on the shores of Lake Ontario and has been voted the best small town main street in Ontario. Most neighbours shop in Port Hope

Ganaraska Forest

The Ganarasaka Forest is an Ontario government owned forest offering 11,000 acres of woodland, trails, cross-country skiing, horse riding, nature courses – 12 months of the year. The forest is 2K from the farm.


A totally unique outdoor art gallery called Zimart is 12k from the farm. Featured are sculptures from Zimbabwe and in the summer a resident artist from Zimbabwe teaches stone carving.


Great Ontario town 20k away just north of the 401 and west of the 35/115. Everything you need here – from big box stores to liquor stores to boutiques.

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